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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Data Interpretation Questions with Solutions

Data Interpretation Questions with Solutions
Data Interpretation Questions and Answers
Data Interpretation Practice Test

Directions (Qs. 1—4): Below are given marks of two students, A and B, in four papers each. Study these marks and answer the questions from 36 to 39.
Student A                   Paper Paper Paper Paper
                                       I          II       III       IV
Marks                           100        80      75        70
Marks obtained              65         50      45        30
Student B                    Paper Paper  Paper  Paper
                                        V         VI    VII      VIII
Marks                              100        80     75        70
Marks obtained                 64        45     50         40
1. Considering the marks of A and B in all the papers, which is the best performance?
A.  Student   A  in    Paper  II
B.  Student   B   in   Paper  V
C.  Student   B   in   Paper VII
D.  Student   A   in   Paper  I


2. How is the performance of A in different papers ranked from the best to the worst?
A. II, I,  III , IV              
B. III, II, I,   IV
C. III, I, II, IV                
D. I, II, III,  IV


3. Considering the total performance of A and B in all the papers
A. A has done as well as B
B. A has done better than B
C. B has done better than A
D. Can’t say who has done better


4. How is performance of B in different papers ranked from the best to the worst?
A.    VII, V, VIII, VI       
B.    V, VII, VIII, VI
C.    VII, V, VI. VIII       
D.    V,  VII, VI, VIII


Direction (5-9): The Pie, diagram given below represents the expenditure on different sports by a country during a year.
Based on the data, furnished, give answers to the questions 

5. If the total expenditure on sports activities in a year amounts to Rs. 1,l50,00,000 then find the combined expenditure on Cricket and Hockey during the year.
(a) Rs. 25,00,000
(b) Rs. 37,50,000
(c) Rs. 50,00,000
(d) Rs. 60,00,000


6. What is the ratio of amounts of expenditure on Football and Hockey?
(a) 3:20
(b) 1:1
(c) 15:1
(d) 1:15


7. The Pie chart indicates that the most popular game in the country is
(a) Cricket
(b) Tennis
(c) Football
(d) Hockey


8. If the total amount spent on sports by the country in a year is Rs 1, 20, 00000 then what is the amount spent on Basket ball?
(a) Rs, 9, 50,000
(b) Rs. 12, 00,000
(c) Rs. 15, 00,000
(d) Rs. 10, 00,000


9. In which of the following two sports, annual expenditure of the country is equal?
(a) Hockey and Golf
(b) Cricket and Football
(c) Golf and Basket ball
(d) Hockey and Tennis

Directions: Study the following diagram and Answer the question Nos. 10 to 13.

Note: This diagram represents the temperatures of two cities in a weak.

10. On which day the temperature of city B is equal to Friday’s   temperature of city A.
(a) Saturday       
(b) Friday
(c) Wednesday    
(d) Tuesday

Ans: - (d)

11. Between which of two days the difference in temperature is the Highest in town A?
(a) Friday and Saturday
(b) Saturday and Sunday
(c) Wednesday and Thursday
(d) Thursday and Friday

Ans: - (c)

12. Between which two days the difference in temperature is the lowest in town B?
(a) Thursday at Friday
(b) Monday and Tuesday
(c) Friday and Saturday.
(d) Wednesday and Thursday

Ans:-  ( d )

13. In which town the fluctuation in temperature is the highest and between which days?
(a) B - Monday and Tuesday
(b) A -Wednesday and Thursday
(c) B -Thursday and Friday
(d) A-Thursday and Friday

Ans:-  ( a )

Directions answer the question Nos. 14 to 16 on the basis of the following table.
         Assume all colleges sent equal number of candidates in all subjects for the examination.
Percentage of Results
College   Maths    Physics   Chemistry  Zoology   Botany
A                52             65            62             47              40
B                47             62            52             35               38
C                53             70            46             54               39
D                35             72            58             62               57

14. Taking all the colleges into account which subject has shown highest percentage results?
(a) Chemistry
(b) Mathematics
(c) Zoology     
(d) Physics

Ans:-  ( d )

15. Taking the performance in all the subjects into account which college has shown highest level of percentage results?
(a) D             
(b) A
(c) B             
(d) C

Ans:-  (b  )
16. Seeing the performance of all the four colleges together which combination of groups has shown lowest level of percentage results?
(a) Zoology and Botany
(b) Physics and Chemistry
(c) Mathematics and Physics
(d) Chemistry and Botany.

Ans:-  ( a )

Directions: Yearly income of three men and two women is given below in the table. Read the figures and answer the Questions 17 to 20.
                Income (in Rupees)
Name       Year      Year      Year        Year

               1990       1991      1992       1993

Ajay       1,200      1,600     2,000      2,400
Abhay    1,000      1,400     1,600      2,000
Ranjit      900        1,200     1,500      2,000
Neha       2,000      2,500     3,000     3,700
Sarita     1,200       1,200     1,500      1,700

17. Whose average income for all the four years is Rs. 1400?
(a)  Ajay’s alone
(b)  Ajay’s and Abhay’s   both
(c)  Ranjit’s and Santa’s    both
(d)  Santa’s alone

Ans:-  ( c )

18. How high is the total average income for four years of men as compared to that of women?
(a) 2133.34    
(b) 3500.44
(c) 4320.54     
(d) 5440.82

Ans:-  ( a )

19. What is the ratio figure, the ratio between the total income on men and that of women for all years?
(a) 14:15               
(b) 15:16
(c) 23:21               
(d) 16:14

Ans:-  (d  )

20. Can we say that men earn more than women?
(a) Yes
(b)  No
(c) Not sure
(d) Difference is not very significant

Ans:-  (  c)

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