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Friday, February 18, 2011

Compare O and M-type tubes.

O-type tubes
1. These are linear beam tubes, i.e. the magnetic field is in parallel with th d.c. electric field.
2. In these tubes, electrtons receive potential energy from the d.c. beam voltage before they arrive in the microwave interaction region this energy is converted into their kinetic energy.
e.g. Klyston, Helix TWT and BWA, BWO etc.

M-type tubes
1. These are cross field devices i.e. the d.c. magnetic field and the d.c. electric field are perpendicular to each other.
2. In these tubes, the electrons emitted by the cathode are accelerated by the electric field and gain velocity but the greater their velocity, the more their path is bent by the magnetic field.
e.g. magnetron, FWCFA, Dematron. Gyrotrons etc.

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